Past Caring
Inspired by the title of a poem by Australian writer Henry Lawson, Past Caring is an inter-disciplinary theatrical collaboration involving artists from Singapore and Australia.
Urgent issues of adoption, displacement, family, land and journey will be weaved together into a complex and contemporary presentation of text, music, multimedia and movement.
In a year-long process, the project involved artists making field trips, conducting interviews and creating and presenting nascent works in Singapore and Melbourne.
Through Death and Trouble, turn about,
Through hopeless desolation,
Through flood and fever, fire and drought,
And slavery and starvation;
Through childbirth, sickness, hurt, and blight,
And nervousness an' scarin',
Through bein' left alone at night,
I've got to be past carin'.
Past botherin' or carin',
Past feelin' and past carin';
Through city cheats and neighbours' spite,
I've come to be past carin'.

Director:  Alvin Tan (Singapore)
Playwright: Haresh Sharma (Singapore)
Choreographer/Performer: Tony Yap (Australia)
Sound Artists: Madeleine Flynn (Australia), Tim Humphrey (Australia)
Multimedia Artist : Kim Lawler (Australia)
Film-maker : Loo Zihan (Singapore)

Glynis Angell (Australia)
Siti Khalijah Zainal (Singapore)
Leroy Parsons (Australia)
Sukania Venugopal (Malaysia)

25 – 28 February & 5 – 7 March 2009, 8pm
28 & 29 February, 5 & 7 March 2009, 3pm

The Necessary Stage Black Box

$27 | $22* Concession for students, senior citizens & NSF


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