Devising Platform

Calling all new and emerging theatre practitioners seeking to be trained in The Necessary Stage’s (TNS) creative methodology!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the TNS Devising Platform , a training arm that aims to build capacity and develop emerging Singapore theatre practitioners keen on receiving training in TNS’ devising methodology, and who want to apply these skills to the creation of socially engaged works as well as interdisciplinary experimentation.

Over our history, The Necessary Stage (TNS) has created numerous training and mentorship programmes including Theatre for Youth Ensemble (1992), Theatre for Seniors (2008), and Playwrights’ Cove (2001). Since 2014, TNS has also embarked on numerous creative laboratories under its exploratory initiative known as The Orange Playground. All these programmes have proven to be popular and incredibly successful. For instance, Playwrights’ Cove developed talents such as Jean Tay, Ng Yi-sheng and Natalie Hennedige, all still actively contributing to the theatre scene today. Theatre for Seniors has staged numerous performances at a professional level, some of which are commissions by the Esplanade and the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. The Orange Playground too has allowed experiments to blossom and feed into TNS’ main season productions.

As such, we believe it is timely for us to consolidate and boost our skills development and creative exploration programmes through this new endeavour. The programme for 2020 will include the return of Playwrights’ Cove, as well as a brand new Devising Laboratory. Find out more about them below.


Playwrights' Cove

In 2001, TNS launched Playwrights’ Cove, a development and mentorship programme aimed at nurturing, processing and platforming contemporary playwriting for Singapore theatre. Many of its participants are well-known practitioners and educators today, including Jean Tay, Ng Yi-sheng, Natalie Hennedige, Kenneth Kwok and Matthew Lyon.


Devising Laboratory

As part of the TNS Devising Platform, we will launch the Devising Laboratory, a five-month training programme on our company’s well-established devising theatre methodology, which has been honed over our 33-year history. Through the Laboratory led by Haresh Sharma, 15 actors will go through the TNS devising methodology. They will also work in groups and create original devised plays. The series will culminate in a showcase for these works for a public audience.