These are extraordinarily trying times. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent safe distancing measures have meant that theatres had to be shuttered, productions cancelled, and numerous theatres practitioners suddenly left bereft of jobs—and income.

While we totally understand that these unprecedented circumstances require that we prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our artists, production crew and audience, we must rally together as a community as well, support one another, and hopefully come through this trying period stronger and much more resilient.

You, our audience, are an integral part of our community. We want to ensure you remain connected to the arts, and can access theatre wherever you are whilst keeping safe.

​That's why we're providing free access to a selection of our productions during this period. The current free-to-access video recording is listed below.

If you'd like to check out our other production videos, head over to our digital archives at Keep safe, everyone, and stay resilient. We can get through this together.

the necessary stage presents


Video recording of the 2018 production in collaboration with Drama Box

Free access from now till 25 July 2020, 2359hrs

​In 2016, Drama Box and The Necessary Stage presented the groundbreaking sold-out production Manifesto, that delved into the relationship between art and politics.

The two companies collaborate once again in 2018 on a brand new work that explores poverty, inequality and human dignity in Singapore.

Underclass tells the story of Xinyi, who finds herself in a downward spiral after losing her job and her flat. When she moves into a rental unit, she meets Johari, and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Will they be able to get out of their disadvantaged status with the help of well-meaning friends, entrepreneurs, civil servants and politicians?

Whose responsibility is it to provide assistance for those who fall through the cracks? Can we make a difference and address imbalance in our society? Why should we?

Underclass asks urgent questions about the widening class divide in Singapore today. Who speaks up for the marginalised in society? Or will they be airbrushed out of our national narrative of prosperity and progress?

the necessary stage's theatre for seniors presents

Reflections From Home

A series of video monologues and improvisations in response to the COVID-19 circuit breaker

The Necessary Stage's (TNS) Artistic Director Alvin Tan invited several members from Theatre for Seniors to create short monologues, sharing their personal responses to COVID-19 and how it has turned their lives around.

After their first video monologues as part of the initial Reflections from Home, TNS and the four senior performers excitedly re-grouped to discuss what could be done next. They decided to shift away from monologues towards exploring their group dynamics via an interactive piece co-created over Zoom.

Since then, the seniors have created several improvisations based around specific topics and prompts. Find out more about the installments below.

Reflections From Home

Our seniors discuss about those who are less fortunate and living in Singapore during COVID-19. What did they think of these vulnerable communities and how they are coping?

Going Green

Topics in this installment ranged from issues such as going childfree, solar energy generation, carbon footprints of flights and livestock we consume, and the world our seniors would like to leave behind for future generations.

COVID-19 Responses Around the World

In this hilarious, no-holds-barred improvisation, our four intrepid senior ladies shared their thoughts on how different countries have been managing the unprecedented crisis that has impacted the world.

My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home is an invitation to our seniors to deep-dive into their memories of youth, to share their rich stories that are always filled with warmth, scandal, and plenty of laughter.

Mari Memasak!

Felix Heng joins the ladies for Mari Memasak!, as they share about recipes close to their hearts—because one of the things they've been doing lots of during this COVID-19 period is to cook.

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