Playwrights' Cove

Part of the TNS Devising Platform 2022

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In 2001, TNS launched Playwrights’ Cove, a development and mentorship programme aimed at nurturing, processing and platforming contemporary playwriting for Singapore theatre. Many of its participants are well-known practitioners and educators today, including Jean Tay, Ng Yi-sheng, Natalie Hennedige, Kenneth Kwok and Matthew Lyon.

We are delighted to announce that Playwrights' Cove 2022 will comprise the following artists:

  • Adeeb Fazah
  • Amanda Chong
  • Amitha Pagolu
  • Andy Pang
  • Christopher Chee
  • Deonn Yang
  • Eleanor Tan
  • Lim Shien Hian
  • Mitchell Poon
  • Raimi Safari

The culmination of Playwrights’ Cove 2022 will see the participants present their newly developed works as live presentations of readings from 2 to 6 November 2022. Each playwright will have their play directed by veteran and emerging Singapore directors, and read by various actors from the industry. Each performance slot will feature up to two plays presented to a public audience at Practice Space, The Theatre Practice, followed by a post-show dialogue with the playwrights, facilitated by Haresh Sharma.

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Wednesday 2 November 8pm: Amitha Pagolu & Deonn Yang

The Way You Cook by
Amitha Pagolu

A young girl has a difficult relationship with the grandmother who raised her. When she finds out she is pregnant and gets into yet another fight with her grandma, she decides it is time to move out and figure things out for herself. As she tries to find a place to live, both she and her grandmother must figure out themselves, each other and what it means to call a place home.

Directed by Adib Kosnan
Read by Grace Kalaiselvi, Periyachi Roshini and Wendi Wee Hian

All, All White by Deonn Yang

Three women from three different generations live in the same household. These three women want to see the world beyond their home, but a dampener has been put on their plans after financial struggles and signs of dementia creeps into their lives. The three of them will have to find ways to support each other and come to the realisation that they are more alike than different.

Directed by Serena Ho
Read by Cheryl Ho, Doreen Toh, Goh Guat Kian and Sharon Mah

Thursday 3 November 8pm: Adeeb Fazah & Andy Pang

Into the Void
by Adeeb Fazah

Sam lives with his ageing father. He dreams of buying his own house and moving out but struggles to do so when father-son tensions cause their relationship to sour. Compounded by his father’s failing health and an encounter with a bird, Sam must navigate finding a way to get his dream home and being the only person who can provide care for his father.

Directed by Adib Kosnan
Read by Kaykay Nizam, Rino Junior John Zara Sophia and Zulfiqar

BITE by Andy Pang
BITE keeps on biting things, which is causing an issue. To cope with the chew, Father encourages abstinence, Mother practice benevolence, and Sister sustains nonchalance. But as the teeth gnaws on, nibbles become chomps, and soon, the snapping becomes too much to bear. The mouth must be put in place, and someone needs to be the wedge.

Directed by Lim Shien Hian
Read by Hang Qian Chou, Jayden Lim Jun De, Lareina Tham and Sharon Mah

Friday 4 November 8pm: Christopher Chee & Eleanor Tan

We have no time but I can’t say I love you
by Christopher Chee

Estranged for several years, Robert attempts to reconcile his relationship with his son, Alan, after being told that Alan is moving to Australia. Would reconciliation be possible with time running out?

Directed by Sim Yan Ying
Read by Catherine Sng, Joel Low, Thomas Lim and Vanessa Ronald

Baby Bird
by Eleanor Tan

A Singaporean woman finds herself at a crossroads, as a broken relationship and a family crisis signal the end of her carefree youth, and push her to come to terms with the true meanings of family, friendship and adulthood.

Directed by Sim Yan Ying
Read by Deborah, Jasmine Xie, Julius Foo, Sheena Chan and Tysha Khan

Saturday 5 November 8pm: Amanda Chong & Raimi Safari

by Amanda Chong
Anya Samuel is an overachieving journalist who does everything in life to the highest degree of excellence. When her tech bro boyfriend Galven accuses her of being “too emotional” and tasks her to explain the five times she cried in public in the course of their relationship, she cannot help but bring her A game. But as Anya prepares a slide deck to save her relationship, she is forced to encounter dark truths she has avoided. Psychobitch is a one-woman show that explores gender power dynamics in relationships, and the lies we tell each other in order to live.

Directed by A Yagnya
Read by Sindhura Kalidas

Oo-Woo by
Raimi Safari

Four family members and an incident of a family pet bird went missing forces the family to rediscover the meaning of filial piety, love and sacrifice.

Directed by Serena Ho
Read by Ellison Tan, Elnie S Mashari, Rusydina Afiqah and Yazid Jalil

Sunday 6 November 3pm: Mitchell Fang & Lim Shien Hian

by Mitchell Fang

‘Homepa’ is colloquial speak for ‘house party’ amongst gay men in Asia. Living with his widowed mother Hui, Oliver finds that the only solution to managing a break-up while trying to keep their friends; is by holding a house party. Yet everyone coming to the party shares their own set of secrets—the unemployment, the drugs, the gender identities. It is no secret the queers love their parties, and love to host. But how much is too much for a cramped Singaporean home? How do people navigate personal boundaries in shared spaces? How can anyone dance or express themselves shoulder to shoulder with strangers?

Directed by Sean Tobin
Starring Karen Tan, Nicholas Bloodworth, Ryan Ang, Tan Rui Shan and Vignesh Singh

To Mars, With Love
by Lim Shien Hian

After getting accepted into a space program to Mars, a girl needs to decide whether to leave or stay

Directed by Sean Tobin
Read by Chaney Chia, Mitchell Fang, Oon Shu An and Zelda Tatiana Ng

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