Future Perfect

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3 stories are intertwined in this brand new play about human enhancement.

The first is about a couple, Melissa and Joe, who takes the Youth Fountain serum. Can the couple live to the age of 200 years?

The second story features a shop at the market which sells stem cells and the unlikely friendship that develops between seller Sam and Gina.

In the third story, a young husband and his mother visit Designer Babies, a new centre which creates perfect babies through genetic modification.

Presented by The Necessary Stage in collaboration with NUS Centre of Biomedical Ethics, this light-hearted, dramatic and sometimes poignant play highlights issues of biomedical ethics, leaving students wanting more.

Future Perfect was presented at various secondary schools from 27 to 29 February 2012 and at Dalton Auditorium, Science Centre from 5 to 9 March 2012. The play returned to tour schools in February/March 2013 and July/August 2013.

Written by:
Haresh Sharma

Directed by:
Alvin Tan

Karen Tan
Sharda Harrison
Joshua Lim

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